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About Us


At H&F Auto Detailing, we strive to hear our customers say “it looks like a new car!” Whether its a level 1 detail or a Gold Level Ceramic Coating, we work hard to make sure our results will speak for themselves. 


Our Team

Team Members


Ethan Helbig

Founder, CEO

Ethan started his love for cars at a very young age and always admired spending time with his family at car cruises. Fast forward to 16 years old and his first car, he always kept it cleaned. It was an enjoyable process to not only clean the car but to have a clean and tidy car to drive around in. After a while, his friends and family started noticing him cleaning his car and asked him to do theirs as well. A passion for keeping a clean car turned into a side job of cleaning cars for his friends and family. In 2020, Covid allowed him to spend a lot of time cleaning his vehicle and decided to learn how to polish paint and apply a ceramic coating to his personal truck. His love for the process of taking a dirty car and making it look new or better is what drove him to start a detailing business. After a long summer of consistent detailing, Ethan learned that detailing alone was burning him out and not allowing him to enjoy the process anymore so he needed to find some help. That’s when Kyle and Ethan joined teams to start H and F Auto Detailing in the spring of 2023


Kyle Filipczyk

Title Needed

Kyle is a car enthusiast with 15+ years of detailing experience. His love for cars started at 12 years old when his Dad bought a Corvette. In college he started detailing cars as a side job with his buddy to make some extra cash but never turned it into a business. Kyle graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Kyle currently is a sports performance coach and personal trainer in the Pittsburgh area. 


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